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Archive Membership. The technical and social activism articles on this website have been aggregated for educational purposes from publicly accessible full content RSS feeds. The original source of many of these articles either does not offer an archive service or does not offer a system to cross reference articles from the multiple sources we aggregate. Our archive service is meant to fill this gap, and is intended for researchers both affiliated and/or unaffiliated with specific academic institutions. Membership access to our archives is available here for an annual fee of USD $240. All proceeds go toward the cost of developing and maintaining the journal archives, with any excess funds being donated to Eff.org. We practice open book keeping and provide our annual financial records to members upon request.

Saturday Morning Digest. We have a FREE weekly subscription service that will send you a digest of the most recent articles each Saturday morning. You can sign-up for this service using the “Subscribe” tab below.

Research Anthologies. We can create anthologies of articles on a particular topic of interest for your research needs. Pricing varies per size of the anthology. We deliver the requested anthology in .pdf format, without restrictions on digital reproduction. Contact us using the form below for further inquiries about our anthologies.

Please describe the anthology you would like us to create, in terms of key words/topics of interest. The more detail the better. We can then tell you how many articles in our archive match your search request and begin a conversation about what works best for your budget. Price will vary depending on how many false positives we need to remove from the anthology, and how many total articles will be in the anthology. If you already have an archive membership with us, you can reduce the fee for the anthology by identifying the articles yourself that you would like included.


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