Demand Your Right to Repair in New York State

New York’s legislature passed a landmark right-to-repair bill this year. Now it’s up to Governor Hochul to make it law.

Back in June, we asked New Yorkers to contact your Assemblymembers about the Digital Fair Repair Act, a landmark repair bill in New York. The bill passed the state legislature, but today it sits on Governor Hochul’s desk waiting to be signed. New Yorkers: we need you to speak up today to expand your digital rights. Tell Governor Hochul to support A7006-B (Fahy), which would make it easier to repair phones, tablets and other digital electronic equipment and make these repairs more accessible for all New Yorkers. This proposal passed the Senate and Assembly, but we need your help to ensure it becomes law. Tell Governor Hochul to sign A7006-B and make New York the first state in the country to pass a broad right-to-repair bill into law.

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New York: Speak up for Your Right to Repair

This measure has the support of leading national proponents of the right to repair. It requires companies to give people access to what they need to fix their stuff by selling spare parts and special tools at “fair and reasonable terms.” It also provides all customers and third-party repair technicians access to repair information, software, and the ability to apply firmware patches.

Establishing a right to repair in New York makes it easier for people to fix their broken devices, helps independent businesses, and helps the environment. Tell Gov. Hochul to sign it into law today. A right-to-repair is about actually owning the devices you have: you get to decide what happens with a device when it breaks. Repairing devices prevents unnecessary electronic waste because, rather than throwing something away, you can get it fixed or fix it yourself.

To learn more, read this story about the bill and its history in the Albany Times Union.

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New York: Speak up for Your Right to Repair

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