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Democracy Now! 2021-05-06 Thursday

Democracy Now! 2021-05-06 Thursday Headlines for May 06, 2021 “Monumental Moment”: U.S. Backs Waiving COVID Vaccine Patent Rights After Months of Blocking Talks “Nothing to Lose”: Colombians Protest “Fascist Mafia Regime” Amid Deadly Police & Military Crackdown Shoshana Zuboff: Facebook’s… Read More ›

Democracy Now! 2021-05-05 Wednesday

Democracy Now! 2021-05-05 Wednesday Headlines for May 05, 2021 “Millions of Lives Are at Stake”: Pressure Grows on Biden to Back WTO Waiver on Vaccine Technology Filipino Activist Walden Bello: Global Vaccine Disparity Shows “Irrationality of Global Capitalism” Walden Bello… Read More ›

Democracy Now! 2021-04-28 Wednesday

Democracy Now! 2021-04-28 Wednesday Headlines for April 28, 2021 “Empire Politician”: Joe Biden’s Half-Century Record on Foreign Policy, War, Militarism & the CIA Jeremy Scahill: Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Record Shows Evolution of U.S. Empire Since Vietnam War Jeremy Scahill… Read More ›

Democracy Now! 2021-02-04 Thursday

Democracy Now! 2021-02-04 Thursday Headlines for February 04, 2021 “Viruses Know No Borders”: In Push for Global Vaccine Equity, U.S. AIDS Program Offers Blueprint Mass Rapes. Sweeping Surveillance. Forced Labor. Exposing China’s Crackdown on Uyghur Muslims Download this show visit… Read More ›