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Democracy Now! 2020-08-05 Wednesday

Democracy Now! 2020-08-05 Wednesday Headlines for August 05, 2020 “Despair and Destruction”: Doctor in Beirut Describes Harrowing Scenes After Massive Port Explosion Journalist Rami Khouri: Beirut Explosion Follows Years of Lebanese Gov’t Incompetence & Corruption The End of Big Tech?… Read More ›

Democracy Now! 2020-06-26 Friday

Democracy Now! 2020-06-26 Friday Headlines for June 26, 2020 The End of Asylum? Supreme Court Sides with Trump Administration on Fast-Tracking Deportations One Bad Algorithm? Advocates Say Facial Recognition Reveals Systemic Racism in AI Technology In Racial Justice Victory, Johnson… Read More ›

Democracy Now! 2020-05-18 Monday

Democracy Now! 2020-05-18 Monday Headlines for May 18, 2020 How Will COVID-19 Change the World? Historian Frank Snowden on Epidemics From the Black Death to Now Download this show visit orginal source at

Democracy Now! 2020-04-03 Friday

Democracy Now! 2020-04-03 Friday Headlines for April 03, 2020 “Our Bodies Are On the Line”: NYC Nurses Demand Protective Gear as COVID-19 Death Toll Skyrockets As Virus Spreads in Philippines, So Does Authoritarianism: Duterte Threatens Violence Amid Lockdown How Taiwan… Read More ›